Zamp Ztech 6A SFI 38.1


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Zamp LogoThe Zamp Ztech 6A SFI 38.1  has new features never seen before in the Head and Neck Restraint market.

These new Zamp Ztech 6A SFI 38.1 Patent Pending features include:

  • HIGH- Back provides more natural pull angle and easier side to side movement
  • Advanced Axis Adjustment allows you to adjust shoulder width, arm angle and arm width. Fits different body shapes and sizes through adjustments and works for different race seat configurations
  • Super Lightweight at approximately 925 grams
  • Extremely Comfortable feels like you have nothing on
  • 02 Spring Clip Quick Connect makes it even easier to connect or disconnect the device from the helmet
  • Dual Compound Frame Specialized Fiberglass Reinforced Nylon is used for the shoulder frame offering leading structural characteristics. Arms made with a Modified Alloy material give the device a dampening characteristic in a crash.  The two materials work together offering excellent performance
  • Stainless Steel Hardware screws and binary post built with high quality and strength to provide long lasting strength
  • Kevlar Webbing Tether connects helmet to restraint and offers good side to side motion during use
  • Belt Channel with Wings accepts 2” or 3” belts
  • Replaceable Padding is easy to clean and/or replace for continued comfort
  • Helmet Hardware needed is included to connect to one helmet.
  • SFI 38.1 Certified

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