Zamp RZ-65D Graphic Flo Blue



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Model: Zamp RZ-65D Graphic Flo Blue


Zamp Zamp RZ-65D Graphic Flo Blue Premium DIRT HELMET with  Snell SA2020 rating on a Lightweight Large Carbon Fiber weave.

This model also packs awesome features:

Zamp Zamp RZ-65D Graphic Flo Blue include:

  • Large Weave Carbon Mix Shell for Super Lightweight Shell
  • DUAL Chin Curtains Mounted on both top and bottom of Chin Bar
  • Aerodynamics Optimized for improved stability using large Front Lower Spoiler
  • Top Air System – Allows you to run Natural Air, Forced Air, or Air Plugs
  • Plush Fire Retardant Performance Fit removable/washable ultra-soft interior with EPS chin bar foam
  • Z-20 Series 3mm Clear Shield with tensioning Tear Offs Posts at 12.25 center posts using Banana Style Tear Offs
  • Hydration Hole/Plug front and center in Chin Bar with easy set up. Remove plug to install Accessory Hydration Kit.
  • Ear Cups & Ear Pads to give driver quieter environment to hear what you need to hear. Easy integration of Communication Equipment with Cheek EPS and Comfort Liner.
  • M6 Inserts for Head & Neck Restraints
  • Snell SA2020 Approved

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Zamp RZ-65D serie



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