Cambox V3 Helm Camera Zwart



V3 Serie eigenschappen:

* Ongeveer 75 Minuten op een batterij lading
* 1080 Full HD Camera
* Gewicht : 40Gr
* Geheugen 64Gb Maximaal

Naast de Cambox V3 camera ontvang u ook:

1 x 64Gb Memory card
1 x Beschermhoes

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Cambox V3 Serie

Almost invisible !
Placed just above your eyes. Perfectly integrated to your helmet. Ultra thin and ultra light,to ensure your safety.

Adjustable camera angle

5 Exclusive benefits.


Its Velcro®️ fastening system allows your Cambox to be perfectly integrated to your gear. Thus, no modifications or mounts are required on your helmet shell.


An intuitive and easy to use action cam thanks to its vibration motor and its indicator lights.


Only a few millimeters thick, the Cambox perfectly fits the curve of your visor. Protected from shocks and out of sight, your action cam becomes almost invisible.


4x lighter than its competitors. A lightweight action camera allowing to respect the helmet balance.


Its wide color variety and its perfect finishes will make it a trendy asset of your equipment.


When Your Cambox V3 is connected to your smartphone with its integrated WIFI technology, you can then interact with your Cambox anytime.

✓ Check the viewing angle
✓ Modify the settings
✓ Playback instantly your videos & photos
✓ Transfer your videos & photos to your smartphone or tablet


For all helmets.
Its patent protected articulated arms system allows the Cambox to adapt itself to all visor shapes, wether they are curved, flexible or rigid.
This exclusive benefit thus offers countless possible uses.